Ngoho Training Academy was born out of a passion to create entrepreneurs who will be successful in what they do. We have created easy-to-follow content that can help you start or scale your business to greater heights. The training material is facilitated by an entrepreneur who has walked and still walking the journey and understands the challenges. At the academy, we wish to build as many entrepreneurs as possible without them having to go through the difficulty of finding out everything themselves.

Our mantra is that business is possible, is doable and goals are achievable.


This is the greatest investment you can do for yourself and for your business. The value is unbelievable.

Profit & Loss Tracking

An amazing tool which you will be able to download and use to track your business. It helps you to manage Your business better and you will learn how to maximise it.

Budgeting & Savings

Without budget there is no saving, without saving there is no growth. Learn how to set the saving goals and achieve them for yourself and for the business.

Understanding Finances

Finances are explained in simpler terms for you to grasp. This is a fundamental area in a business. Terms are explained in a simple terms for you to be financially enlightened and understand the numbers.


There is a lot of motivation for encouragement. We believe we have it all within us to create successful business.


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Training Material




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